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Dear customer,
It has been an honor to raise your sweet Havanese puppy.
🐶 Your puppy has been eating Taste of the Wild puppy formula for several weeks now. They have small stomachs the size of a quarter and will only eat a small amount at one time. His or her little stomach has adjusted well to the food. Please be aware if you change their food abruptly you could
cause your puppy to have diarrhea and become dehydrated.
🐶 When small children under the age of 5 are wanting to hold the puppy be sure to have them seated on the floor. Never let them walk around wagging your puppy. Their bones are still developing and this could result in their bones separating at the joints.
🐶 They are teething and as a result will chew on anything laying around. They love wood. Be sure to have plenty of teething toys available. Keep any electrical cords out of their play area.
🐶 Your puppy needs plenty of nap time. They need a quiet place to rest
and not be disturbed. They sleep quite a bit at this age.
Best regards and happy tails,
Kim Williams